Republic of Kazakhstan
BALKHASH, Sportivnaya STR. 3/12
Our enterprise offers cooperation to weapon workshops and weapon manufacturers as within the framework of wholesale deliveries of our production and in the form of development under the individual technical task of composite shock absorbers for any types of fighting, sports, and hunting weapon of various caliber and purpose.
Creation under the requirements of an interested person/organization of a full-cycle
production line.
Also we are ready to consider a commercial concession (franchise) on mutually beneficial terms:
Complete technical support of all production processes.
Development of products and product lines according to individual customer
requirements with a full range of necessary technological and production-design calculations.
Advantages of working with us
The production line does not imply high financial costs for tooling and additional equipment.
The capacity of the production line is limited solely by the number of products needed by the customer.
We are constantly improving the concept of our products, carefully studying the design, the task of which is to further improve the products we produce, and conducting experiments to give the products new useful properties:
At the moment we are finalizing the development of composite shock absorbers of the next, 4th generation with the adaptive contour of the shoulder rest, the task of which is to form individual points of tabs, creating conditions of increased comfort for the user during shooting from
different positions.
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